If you’re always forgetting your keys, you may want to take notes while watching this

A so-called biohacker has been sharing all of the ways his microchip makes his life more convenient.

TikToker @robot_scott has a chip in each hand, allowing him to do all manner of handy everyday things, such as unlocking the door to his apartment.


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Using his RFID/NFC implant, he’s even able to access his TikTok page, or the best song ever written, if someone scans it with their phone. Files, contact information, and websites can also be sent via the device.


Using the NFC implant to link my tik tok page - can also be used to send contact info, website or files #rfid #rfidchip #nfc #nfcchip #nfcimplant

He has assured his viewers of the implant’s durability by, er, hitting it with a hammer.

He also told fans that, although his RFID/NFC chip would be fine in an MRI machine, he would need to remove the magnetic implant from his right hand.

So, how did he even get the chip inside his hand in the first place? He has videos on that too, and even posted a video showing what the implantation process is like by demonstrating on a banana.

Commenting on one of the videos, TikTok user Michael said: “Airport security is going to have a field day”.

However despite holding a security scanner up to his hand, it doesn’t go off.


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Not everyone is quite so enthused about this TikToker’s new tech, however. Commenting on one of his most popular videos, one TikToker said: “The end times are too close.”

Another said: “My brain: New tech things. My gut: Mark of the beast 666.”

Some saw the lighter side, with one writing: “You can perform magic.”

Robot Scott isn’t the only TikToker who has a chip in his hand. A few weeks ago, we wrote about a woman who also uses her chip to open doors and cupboards.

Would you get one?

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