Woman ‘has chip implanted in her hand’ so she can unlock doors and cupboards without keys

Woman ‘has chip implanted in her hand’ so she can unlock doors and cupboards without keys

Searching around for your keys is a tiresome task, so one woman has decided to ditch them entirely and instead put the power in her hands (literally) by getting a chip implanted.

At just the wave of her hand, she can unlock doors and cupboards all around her house and it has left viewers fascinated.

The TikToker who is now known as Chip Girl after showing off for her techie RFID body accessory to her viewers in and around her home, now gives a glimpse into her life with this new addition to her hand.

Obviously many people were curious as to what pushed her to get the implant back in June last year, and she explained how she was convinced after talking to her “techie husband.”

In her first viral TikTok with over 9m views, the TikToker showed off her bandaged hand from getting the implant and then proceeds to demonstrate how it works.

It appears the chip was implanted between her thumb and index finger as she has to scan that part of her hand in order for the chip to work successfully.


My hand is a key 🔑 #tech #technology #techhouse #utah

Chip Girl also revealed in another video how the chip was implanted by showing the kit she purchased which included medical bandaids, sterile gloves, swabs and “the injector” which “goes into your skin and what makes the small incision for the chip to go inside.”

She then takes out the injector to show how the insertion works by pushing it down, and causing the metallic end to push out the long thin chip which would then be inserted inside the hand.

Chip Girl adds at the end that she “would never to it again” (not exactly the best advertisement...) and goes to the comment section where she writes: “A PROFESSIONAL PUT THIS IN MY HAND.”

It’s worth saying, don’t try this at home and get a medical professional’s advice if you’re desperate to be chipped.

Since posting, the video has received over 1.4m views, and nearly 90,000 likes.

Though some people weren’t impressed with the TikToker’s tech accessory.

One person wrote: “This is so unnecessary.”

“Lmafaoo so you can open a door just like you did before,” another person said.

Someone else added: “Omg here’s a wild idea. It’s these cool things called door handles that you just twist and magically opens the door for you, crazy concept idk [I don’t know].”

However some loved the concept of contactless key.

One person wrote: “Love it!!! That would be so convenient.”

“I don’t get why people are so judgemental about you having a chip in your hand! Literally people put chips in their dogs just in case they go missing,” another person said.

Someone else replied: “I weirdly love this.”

Would you get a chip implanted for the sake of not having to pat yourself down looking for your keys?

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