TikTok chef shares viral potato-peeling hack to save time on Thanksgiving

TikTok chef shares viral potato-peeling hack to save time on Thanksgiving
How To Cut Potatoes Like A Pro

Many people in the US are gearing up for Thanksgiving (24 November), the day to give thanks to loved ones, the meals that are prepared, and much more.

As roasted turkeys, savoury mashed potato casseroles, and other deliciously mouthwatering dishes get added to the menu, it's easy to feel that there is not enough time in the world to get everything finished in time.

But fret not! One chef on TikTok decided to share a viral hack for peeling potatoes that can save you a bit of extra time.

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Chef Nicole Jacques took to her platform to share the "amazing" hack.

In the video, she can be seen using a knife to cut all around the potato before boiling it in a pot.

"Did you know this tip?" she asked viewers.

From there, Jacques boiled the potato until it was soft.

When it was cooled down, she then explained that people could take either side of the potato "and pull," showing how the skin slid off like butter.

"It's the most amazing, time-saving hack I've found in a long time, and I had to share it with you," Jacques said.


Did you know this one? SAVE IT RIGHT NOW to use during holiday meal prep time. 🤯 #thanksgiving #potato #peelinghack #holidaymeal

The video, which has over 1.4 million views at the time of writing, was a pleasant surprise to viewers who are eager to try the "hack."

One person wrote: "I was dreading peeling potatoes on Thursday... thank you!"

"I wish I had seen this a couple of hours ago!!" another added while a third wrote, "I saw this last night and couldn't wait to [make] mashed potatoes tonight and try. GENIUS!! I love it!!!"

Someone else, who admitted they were aware of the hack but did it with a twist, added: "My aunt taught me this many years ago. It works, but I put mine in a flash ice bath first, so I don't burn my fingers!"

Chef Jacques also shares other kitchen hacks for things like the best way to deep clean your dishwasher,

She also shares other easy yet appetising dishes like chipotle chicken lime rice bowls and green bean casserole that can be the perfect additions to your next holiday meal spread.

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