TikTok's 'chicken's carving pumpkins' challenge explained

TikTok's 'chicken's carving pumpkins' challenge explained
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Another day, another TikTok challenge.

With Halloween just over a week away, there's no surprise the app has been inundated with inspiration, home decor, pranks and pumpkin carving.

Well now, one woman has put a unique spin on the classic carving ritual by involving her chickens – and people are obsessed.

TikTok user Lissie (@lissieasebes) shared the tip last month and has since racked up a staggering 7.4 million views from intrigued TikTokers.

In the clip, Lissie carves out a few holes in the pumpkin and leaves it outside for the chickens to peck away.

She said: "So, someone in my chicken group on Facebook said if you start a pumpkin just a little bit that the chickens will continue to eat on it and carve it."

She continued, "So let’s see what kind of pumpkin my chickens carve. Here we go!"

"Let’s see what happens! Day one!"

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Eager followers insisted on seeing the final result, prompting Lissie to share a string of follow-up videos.

The chickens had, in fact, "carved" the pumpkins – and while there was little progress on the first day, the final result on the fourth day was pretty impressive.


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"I never thought I would be so invested in chickentok! I love it!," one TikToker wrote, while another added: "I would very much like to see another day of this lol."

Lissie's videos inspired more TikTokers to jump on the bandwagon with @aguahediondalagoon trying their luck with the chicken carving.

They took an innovative approach by making small indentations to resemble a face – which proved to be much more effective.


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While the result was impressive, viewers couldn't help but comment on their trypophobia, a strong fear or disgust of closely packed holes.

"There’s a phobia for this and I’m icking," one commented.

A second penned: "My inner trypophobia is screaming."

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