TikToker says they'd 'die' if they had to work at this 'chaotic' Starbucks location

TikToker says they'd 'die' if they had to work at this 'chaotic' Starbucks location
Starbucks barista shares facts that customers may not have known

A woman on TikTok said she would “die” if she had to work at a chaotic Starbucks: the Main Street Bakery at Walt Disney World Resort.

The woman, who goes by @theenchantedagent on the platform, documented the extremely long lines full of families waiting to receive their drink orders.

“Not to be dramatic, but I would literally die if I had to work at this Starbucks,” she said in the video that was posted on Friday (8 July).

In the on-screen text, she added: “Hats off to the Starbucks Cast Members on Main Street USA.”

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Located in Magic Kingdom, the Main Street Bakery is one of many locations in Disney World where someone can get their hands on Starbucks coffee.

None of these locations actually carry the Starbucks name - they feature names that fit the area of Disney in which they are located.

Although much of the menu is quite similar to any other Starbucks, the restaurant also offers location-specific items such as pastries named “Mickey Cinnamon Roll” and an “Opening Day Celebration Cake.”

People took to the video’s comments section to share their opinions on the scene.

“Barely can handle a 2 am Saturday night rush,” one wrote.

“My anxiety could never,” another added, which prompted the TikToker to respond:“ Literally same.”

A third wrote: “I’d rather be busy at work than have no one gone in. The day goes by so much faster!! Sign me up.”

Someone who claimed to have been hired at this location added: “Yea, I got hired here after working at a regular Starbucks and quit after a week. back at regular Starbucks bc it was NOT worth the free Disney pass.”

For some time, there has been a debate about what Starbucks is the most popular and busiest Starbucks location in the US.

According to a 2015 report from The Independent, there are claims that the nation’s busiest Starbucks is in the CIA headquarters of Langley, Virginia.

Other people believe that the most energetic location is the original store in Seattle or one of Starbucks’ numerous locations in New York.

Indy100 reached out to @theenchantedagent via TikTok comment.

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