Woman drops entire friend group after stranger on TikTok overheard them being mean about her

A woman in New York City found out on TikTok that her friends hated her - and turned it into a viral opportunity to make hundreds of new friends.

The whole thing started a few weeks ago, when a TikTok user named Drew gained over 8 million views asking his followers to help him find an unknown “Marissa” after overhearing her friends talking about her.

"I hate to be the one to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong, but if your name is Marissa — please listen up,” Drew said in the video. “I just walked by your friends, and I need to tell you the weekend you’re away is not the only time they could do their birthday party. They are choosing to do it the weekend you’re away, and you need to know. TikTok, help me find Marissa!"


TikTok delivered, and Marissa responded in her own video, asking Drew to get in touch with her.

One day later, the two met in Madison Square Park, where they declared themselves Besties for Life.


But Marissa’s journey didn’t end there.

After her own video seeking Drew gain over 3 million views, Marissa received tons of messages from people who had been through similar situations. So she started an Instagram account, NoMoreLonelyFriends, to bring the rest of the Drews and Marissas of the world together.

So far, she’s organized one massive meetup in Central Park. She’s hoping to provide more safe gatherings for people looking for new friendships as we emerge from the pandemic, when many relationships were strained by the isolation, restrictions, and general sense of overwhelming dread.

She’s also received a ton of letters and packages from new friends, sent to a PO Box she set up for the occasion.

In a subsequent video, she said one of her false friends told her she wasn’t invited to the original party for being too pretty and outgoing, saying that her previous friends didn’t want her to take up all the attention.


She told BuzzFeed she still hasn’t “confronted them at all,” even though they’ve definitely seen the viral spectacle.

“I decided to not even waste the energy on trying to talk to them about it. I’m a fairly upbeat person, so this took a minute to fully hit me in the heart,” she said. “After a few hours, though, I had so much positivity flowing in from messages and comments from strangers trying to contact me about being friends/how they wanted to be friends, so I thought, ‘Why should I waste my time trying to talk to bad friends?’"

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