TikToker claims gas station worker took air out of her tires for using toilet and not buying gas

TikToker claims gas station worker took air out of her tires for using toilet and not buying gas

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A TikToker has gone viral after claiming an employee at a New York gas station deflated her tyres for using the building’s toilets while not buying any fuel for her car.

Lizzy Ashliegh, a singer and creative director who also works as an Uber driver, posted the video this week. The text in the clip reads that she “had to pee”, only for her tires to have air taken out of them during the incident.

“So now my tyres are flat and ripping because this guy wanted $20 and I didn’t buy gas,” she added.

In the video, the attendant can be heard asking Lizzy “why did you park here”, to which she replied that “I had to pee”.

Commenters soon responded to the incident with anger, with many urging Lizzy to take legal action against the attendant.

One user wrote: “He can’t do that at all. Legitimately you should def sue.”

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I’m stressed #nyc #gasstation

“He didn’t want you to be parked there so he took the air out so you can’t leave? Make it make sense,” added another.

A third simply said: “That’s vandalism.”

The next day, Lizzy posted a follow-up video about the situation, which revealed that she called the police to the scene to investigate, only for them to tell her that the staff member had pulled a “prank” on her.


Reply to @1.mssp Part 2 is Up ! The car is fixed Namaste 🙏🏾 Just another crazy NEW York Minute. Back to the grind and hustle.

She also showed one of the tyres which she said was damaged after driving it back to the station whilst deflated, meaning she could not accept new rides as an Uber driver.

Eventually, a man was filmed replacing the tyre and filling it up with air, an individual who Lizzy described as an “angel”.

After the whole affair about gas and air, we wouldn’t be surprised if the TikToker needed to let off some steam, after the incident left her “stressed”.

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