How you can get any TikTok username you want – even if it's taken

How you can get any TikTok username you want – even if it's taken
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A TikTok user has revealed how people can claim any username they want, even unavailable usernames from people who have abandoned their accounts.

In a viral clip that's racked up more than 400,000 views, TikToker Neil (@tallneil) shared his knowledge on inactive account policies. If a name is no longer used, it can essentially be taken on by a new user.

His method includes emailing support where he "specifically cites the inactive account policies".

Neil explained: "These are, like, the magic words that you need to say."

"The other magic word is ‘vacate.’ Vacate this username, and inactive account policy," he added.

The TikToker claimed that this example worked for Medium.

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In a separate video, Neil discouraged sending a direct message the social media user whose name you want, and instead, advised folks to contact support first.

(This is because if the user appears as though they've not been active for a while, your message may prompt them to log into their account and therefore "you just screwed yourself.")

He said: "Message support first, they'll check for you."

Neil also explored the verification process – more specifically how TikTok has "accidentally created a huge loophole for any verified account to impersonate another verified account."

Using the example of an account that changed their name to Beyonce, he explained that while users can't change their usernames, they can switch up their name.


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"I honestly can't believe they've not walked back this change yet," he said.

"If you've ever worked on product at a tech company, you'd know that product changes that are this big and that are this visible go all the way up to the top, this definitely went up to the head of product.

"A lot of people took a lot of time to intentionally make this decision,

"The pitch was probably that usernames are antiquated and social networks should be personal

Neil concluded: "This does not work, it does not work."

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