Man shares 'genius' £15 hack that will keep you cool at night

Man shares 'genius' £15 hack that will keep you cool at night
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A man shared a "genius" £15 hack that will help you keep cool at night.

Temperatures are anticipated to continue rising later on this week and into the next in the UK, and the Met Office has released an extreme heat warning for weather that could be "too hot to work in."

Now, Brits are looking for inexpensive and alternative ways to stay cool in the heat.

YouTuber LadBaby took matters into his own hands on TikTok as he shared his latest purchase from the bargain retailer B&M - a cooling mat for pets.

The man bought the cost-efficient £15 product, which is mostly used for pups.

B&M reposted the video on their TikTok - and the clip was viewed by 1.7 million people.

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"I'll be back with an epic HACK! Absolute genius, I'm telling ya mate," the video's caption read.

Getting ready to step inside the bargain store, the social media influencer said: "This is your bedroom heat summer hack mate - it's happening!"

The video soon jump cut to LadBaby, whose real name is Mark Ian Hoyle, who was seen holding the notable orange and blue shopping bag. Before revealing the new bedroom essential, he made sure that the item had the reveal that it deserved.

"Welcome to the chill max 3000," he said, opening the door to a bedroom.

The blue patterned cooling items were put on top of the bed sheets - but underneath the covers, ready to be slept on. "You put them in the bed like this," he demonstrated as he pulled back the covers." You get in like this..."

He looked pleased and ready for his cool night of slumber with his purchase. His partner even quipped that the product looked like a "pool float."

When clarifying that the product was meant for dogs - it was evident that it was not a laughing matter when she tried this life-changing product.

"If it's good enough for dogs, it's good enough for me and you, babe!" he said.

"No, this is genius!" The partner responded as she tried the product.


Ill be back with an epic HACK 🤣! Absolute genius im telling ya mate ⬆️ @ladbabyofficial @ladbabymum #bmstores #bandm #bandmbargain #heatwave #lifehack #hack #cooling #petcooling

People took to the comments section of the post to express their interest in the hack. Some even claimed that they have been utilising the hack for "years."

One wrote: "They're gonna be sold out now... Great idea x."

"I've done it for yrs and it's the best thing ever," another added.

A third wrote: "They are brilliant. They work for me because I get too hot at night, and it cools me down. I get a good night's sleep and night time and thank you."

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