Disgruntled Ryanair employee complains about airline over tannoy mid-flight

A woman working in human resources has sparked debate after posting a TikTok about the realities of what she has to deal with in a day.

The video has been viewed over 225,000 times and was shared by TikTok user @nessaaa_e with the caption: “Just a small glimpse of my day as HR.”

In the video, Nessa described some of the issues she had been tasked with dealing with in one work day.

She described getting “attitude” from three employees who didn’t get their way, answering a lot of common sense questions and even firing an employee.

But, she said on the plus side, she stopped two employees from quitting their roles thanks to her people managing skills.

In the comments section, some TikTok users shared their personal experiences with HR staff and the nature of the role, with one user calling it an “unethical job”.

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One person wrote: “HR only protects the company. HR doesn’t care about employees.”

Another said: “I’ve always believed that people who work in HR enjoy drama. It seems like an unethical job.”

Someone else commented: ”HR begged me to stay then gave me no reason to.”

“They gonna still quit just not today,” another claimed.

But others who also work in the industry praised Nessa for doing a good job in what they know is a tough role.

One user wrote: “The struggle is real. HR is not for the weak.”

Someone else replied: “not all heroes wear capes!”

“My life as HR. It’s not as easy as people think,” another said.

Another person responded: “Been working in HR for one month and man some employees have no respect.”

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