TikToker Goes Viral After Encouraging Women to Be Housewives

A TikTok user has gone viral for *shocker* listing her reasons for not wanting kids.

Her explanations are brutal, honest, and, most importantly, not surprising.

From the physical toll that pregnancy and birth take on a person’s body, to the emotional cost, Maz (@m.a.r.i.aaaaaaaa) has considered it.

Of course, with the simple fact that she does not want any being at the top of her list.

Some of her reasons included: "I don't want to," "apocalypse," and "won't like them."

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I like kids, I just don’t want my own #childfree #aunty #nokidsforme

And, judging by the comments, these are issues that a lot of people have considered, with some users even adding on reasons to Maz’s already lengthy list.

“U forgot career”, commented one user, “if we become mums then our career progression will either stall or end completely or we’ll have to take less stressful jobs”.

But is this an over-generalisation? One user responded that this is “not a good mentality to have, there are many mothers who have continued their education or became successful while having a child”.

All these comments prove is that the reasons for having or for not having children are deeply personal, and that people on both sides of the argument have made the decision after extensive consideration.

An idea that is even more important with the American Supreme Court apparently looking to overturn Roe v. Wade, a ruling that protects people’s right to choose to terminate their pregnancy.

The backlash for voicing her opinions have been far more than comments. Maz posted a follow-up TikTok showing the ban on her account and the removal of the video due to “harassment and bullying”.

A key question to ask ourselves is why Maz’s video has provoked such strong reactions? Is it important to consider how cisgender men don’t usually have to face the same issues and criticisms? Is the world becoming increasingly fixated on female bodies? Why? Clearly, this issue is a lot more complicated than the human race going, as one TikTok user ever so eloquently put it, “f****** extinct”.

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