Mother of autistic toddlers confronted by ‘Karen’ complaining about her children laughing in a diner

Mother of autistic toddlers confronted by ‘Karen’ complaining about her children laughing in a diner

An American mother casually enjoying food and drink at a diner with her autistic children was challenged by another woman for their talking and laughing, in a TikTok video which has gained more than 1.6 million views on the platform.

In the clip, posted by user @Bamskye2426 on Tuesday, the woman – who is referred to as a ‘Karen’ – can be heard telling the parent that “this is not the place” for her and her children, suggesting that they go to a Chuck E. Cheese instead.

Adding text over the video, the mother writes: “According to Karen this isn’t the place for autistic children. It’s a dive diner.

“Also note the kids aren’t yelling, she is. The kids didn’t leave the table to bother anyone, she did.

“No one had a fit except her and the kids were only laughing and talking.”

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The text added that the ‘Karen’ then “went on to demand and get free food”.

Commenters also shared their criticism of the woman’s remarks, with several pointing out that her clothes don’t exactly scream fine dining…

“Am I wrong – it looks like a family style restaurant? She’s wearing flip flops? But it’s not the place for kids? So many questions,” wrote one, to which @Bamskye2426 confirmed that colouring books were provided and they were in a “very family oriented spot”.

Another user said: “Karen is not exactly dressed like she’s in the Ritz.”

“I would only agree if this was some upscale restaurant with fine dining. But Karen is wearing leggings and flip flops. Sorry, kids are allowed,” commented a third.

The video is one of several posts about the incident, with a second clip showing her two children laughing and enjoying themselves, and another focussing on the mother’s interaction with the owner of the diner.

“Notice another woman says ‘get a free meal now’ and the poor owner is here assuring us that we did nothing wrong and still all six kids are silent and adults are yelling.

“More proof that me, my friend and my kids did no wrong. They laughed and talked – these ‘adults’ refused to pay, screamed and ran at our table,” the parent wrote.

Honestly, how dare someone talk in an environment so social as a diner?! We can’t believe her nonsense either, and to the families affected, we say: laugh away.

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