Man sparks TikTok debate after giving a negative tip to restaurant staff

Man sparks TikTok debate after giving a negative tip to restaurant staff

A man has sparked a debate after he gave staff a negative tip at a restaurant due to the bad service he claimed he received.

In a viral video that has been viewed more than one million times @gameoftony filmed himself giving a $-32.49 tip adding in the caption for the clip: "Wrong food, waiting forever, rude waitresses, so sad."


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It would appear that the user was attempting to have a joke as although he doesn't look to have left a tip his attempt to leave a negative tip would have seen him pay nothing which isn't exactly allowed. Also upon closer inspection, he is writing on the customer copy of the receipt.

One person replied: "I don't think that's how it works. You still have to pay, my guy." Another person said: "Sadly this doesn't work."

Although this is clearly a joke, many felt that the gag was unfair on the staff especially in the catering industry as tips can make up a large part of their wage.

One person said in reply: "As a past waitress this makes me sad. I always tip even if there are issues. We are human, mistakes happen."

A second said: "I mean, I do believe that tips should be based on service the waiter or waitress, but this is ridiculous."

A third queried: "Did you say anything to the waitress about the wrong food? Did you give them a chance to fix it? Are they understaffed? Was the restaurant busy?"

However, as predicted, this was a joke. In a comment given to Daily Dot, @gameoftony said: "Half of the people understood the joke and half hates me now."

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