TikTok star gives girl new phone in ‘touching clip’ – then snatches it back once the cameras stop

<p>The little girl looked crestfallen to have her present immediately taken away</p>

The little girl looked crestfallen to have her present immediately taken away


A Ukranian social media star has suffered a major backlash after he was caught pulling a cruel trick on a young fan.

Alexander Voloshin was filmed hugging a little girl and offering her a brand new smartphone, before snatching it back from her once the alleged PR stunt was complete.

Voloshin posted a video of his “touching” encounter with the little girl on TikTok, but left out the cruel punchline.

Little did he know her mother had continued to record their exchange, including its brutal ending.

The original clip, which Voloshin has now reportedly removed from his account, sees him wandering around Kiev with the expensive-looking phone, still in its packaging, as he approaches different groups for a chat.

He then walks up to the excited girl and her mum, and hands over the device, purportedly as a gift.

The child looks overcome with delight and, after glancing at her mum for approval, accepts the present.

She and Voloshin then hug happily, marking the end of the heartwarming display.

The child looked over the moon with her new phone before it was brutally reclaimed by VoloshinTikTok

Except that wasn’t the end of their interaction, as the furious mother revealed.

Her recording, shared widely on social media, shows Voloshin then asking the girl to return the phone – as her beaming face transforms into a look of utter devastation.

Meanwhile, the mum can be heard saying “no” repeatedly, telling the TikToker that he will make her daughter cry if he reclaims the gift, according to translations of their conversation.

Voloshin then threatens to bring in the police to resolve the issue – insisting the phone was just “an accessory for the video” – as he wrestles the phone back out of the devastated child’s hand.

He then offers the girl some cash (2,000 hryvnia – around £52) as compensation for her disappointment, but her mother refuses.

Voloshin has attempted to defend his actions, insisting it was simply a prank, according to DailyDot.

But viewers have found his behaviour far from laugh-out-loud, with commentators on Reddit’s r/Iamatotalpieceofshit forum responding furiously to the incident.

Wait these people actually exist? I thought it was a joke,” wrote one.

While another said that “people who fake kindness and ask for the item back after the camera stops rolling are the trashiest people around.”

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