TikTok 'mannequin prank' backfires, ticks people off instead

TikTok users have expressed their horror after a woman learned that there was a hidden basement inside her house.

In a video posted to the social media app, creator @unfortunateexistance pulled back the carpet on the floor to find a new undiscovered room in the building she “never knew about”.

“This just happened and I’m still in shock,” the clip’s caption reads.

“It was hiding for a reason. Close it back up, lady,” read another comment.

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Another added: “Girl close it before you release the demons.”

Others compared it to Netflix dramas and movies, with one saying that “this [is] how horror films start”.

“That’s some The Conjuring stuff right there,” one commenter said.

“10 years from now *based on a true story*,” another user replied.


This just happened and I’m still in shock

However, not everyone was fearful about what was inside the basement, with viewers responding with “tour tour tour” and asking the creator to “tell us what you find down there”.

The woman did later go on to explore the room, revealing that it contains a milk carton in a bucket, a propane heater and a wooden chair.

Another follow-up video went on to show that there was in fact a light switch for the basement, which only turned on halfway through her recording.

There are just some things you shouldn’t do whilst staying at home.

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