Viral TikTok shows terrifying moment a bear crawled out of someone’s car

<p>The terrifying TikTok racked up a whopping 21.1M views </p>

The terrifying TikTok racked up a whopping 21.1M views


A terrifying TikTok has gone viral, which shows a wild black bear climbing out of a car.

The video posted by Joseph Deel (@bear_inna_car) showed a man unlocking the door to a white Nissan car. In a shocking turn of events, a bear crawled out of the driver’s seat and crawled back into the wild.

Viewers can hear friends of the TikTok user yelling in the background as the bear steps out of the car and looks around in oblivion.

The bear had no idea what was going on The bear had no idea what was going on TikTok

In a follow-up video, Joseph explained to his TikTok followers that he left his car unlocked. He made the shocking discovery when friends heard the horn honking. He said, “We both go outside, and as soon as we open the door, we can see my car just moving like crazy, like there’s definitely something in there.”

In the video, titled ‘an un-bear-leivable amount of damage’, Joseph shows viewers the damage left behind from the bear. The interior roof had fallen off and the bear had destroyed the car door’s panelling.

The bear completely destroyed the car The bear completely destroyed the car TikTok

The original video has since racked up an impressive 21.7 million views and thousands of comments. TikTok users found the clueless bear hilarious and flooded the comments.

“Bear was like ‘y’all I’m tripping out’”, one said.

While others laughed at the audacity of the black bear, “Why does the bear look so confused like that was his car you kicked him out of.”

“Is this not my Uber?” Another added.

One TikTok user referenced the infamous Grand Theft Auto video game, “Wow, you really just gonna steal his car like that. This isn’t GTA.”

While others joked how the TikToker rudely interrupted the bear, “Bro he was literally just vibing.”

“He’s just minding his business”, one added.

You can watch the full video here.

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