New TikTok trend sees parents get their kids to come and back them up in a 'fight'

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A hilarious new trend has been making the rounds across TikTok, which shows parents secretly challenging their kids to see whether they'd have their back in a fight.

The viral clips have garnered millions of views on the platform due to the hysterical and unpredictable results.

Often, the parents ask their children to "put their shoes on", saying they've got to "fight another parent" and need support. Some kids didn't give it a second thought and were raring to go.

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One TikTok user's daughter 'passed the challenge' after being told: "if her daughter jumps in, I need you to handle her daughter." She jumped up and even proceeded to tie her hair up.

"She was not playing," one commented, while another joked: "My future kids better be ready like this when I tell ‘em it’s finna go down".


She wanted to know the ☕️ 🐸 🤣🤣 #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #onlydaughter #justforfun #like #share #viral #repost

Another hilariously responded "okay" with no hesitation after his mum said: "Go put your shoes on now, I'm going to fight this girl and if her son comes out, I need you to fight him."


WITH NO HESITATION !! 🤗 my baby gonna ride for his mama 🫡

"Bro every single kid I’ve seen on here doing this trend ready for anything," one highlighted, however, some kids weren't so convinced by the idea.

In Melanie's video, her daughter innocently replied, "I don't know how to fight yet," while reluctantly getting ready for the fake fight.


“Idk how to fight” Coming from the girl that got nearly suspended in kindergarten for punching a girl in the face 🤔🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂😂 #fight #fightprank #joke #fyp

"The way she’s so unsure but still pulling through for you," one said, while another joked: "*Repeatedly tries to get out of going* *continues to do everything you say*".

Some have criticised the trend for reinforcing violence in kids. One user said: "This trend is doing is reinforcing fighting when we have issues to kids. we should be teaching them how to use our words and communicate effectively."

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