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With a large part of the UK under an amber weather warning from the Met Office for extreme heat, TikTokkers have been responding to the heatwave in typically hilarious fashion.

Temperatures in some areas of the country are expected to hit highs of 33 degrees celsius with this expected to be the hottest of the year so far. It is also thought that temperatures could rise later this week.

On TikTok, the heatwave has become a topic for creators to poke fun at, with some making fun of the way British people complain that it’s never sunny, but when the sun comes out, we then moan that it’s too hot.

In one clip, a woman went from having BBQs and getting the swimming pool out, to complaining that it’s too hot. Then, when it rained, she then complained that we’ve had our summer now.

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Where’s the lie? ☀️🥵😂 #brits #britain #summer #heatwave #viral

In another clip, a man said what everyone was thinking when he said: “30 degrees?! This is the f**king UK not f**king Mordor.

“Now, don’t get me wrong, I like the summer right. But this? This is disgusting.”


Every Brit in this Heatwave 😩☀️☀️ #britishcomedy #heatwave #fyp

Another TikTok said: “As the temperature reaches 30 degrees C, Britain can now officially be called… A bit too hot.”


#verybritishproblems #britishhumour #funny #soverybritish #britishstereotypes #relatable #britishweather #heatwave

Someone else mocked calling in sick to work while holding a cocktail and applying suncream sat in their garden, joking: “Brits getting ready for the heatwave next week.”


#ukweather #heatwaveuk2022 #ukcomedy #callinginsick #relatablecomedy😂

One user looked at the temperatures set to come later this week, claiming that Sunday’s estimate of 36 degrees is “going to kill us”.


36 Degrees surley not? 💀 #fyp #british #weather #sun #heat #summer #heatwave #hot #uk #london #ukweather #britishweather

Another TikTok expressed sympathy for those with an attic room, with the caption: “I feel like a rotisserie chicken rolling about in bed trying to stay cool.”


I feel like a rotisserie chicken rolling about in bed trying to stay cool. #ukheatwave

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