If you have a gut feeling something is wrong in your relationship, it’s more than likely you’re right.

A TikTok user admitted on the platform that she went a bit overboard when she thought her ex was cheating on her.

TikToker @thearmanim shared that she ended up calling her ex’s cell phone service, Verizon, in an attempt to check his text messages, and it sparked a conversation about surveilling your partner.

“When I thought my ex was cheating on me so I called Verizon and told the lady it was an emergency and I needed a copy of all his messages and she was like honey I can’t do that but if you have a gut feeling you should trust it,” the text overlay on the video reads.


She knew exactly what I was doing lmao and she was right #cheater #relationshipgoals #relationshipadvice #JBLGreekOut #CustomersMostLoved #foryou

Not only did people feel like this was an invasion of privacy and boundaries, but as it turns out the TikTok user had every right for her worry.

“She knew exactly what I was doing lmao and she was right,” she captioned the video.

With technology and the internet, there are many ways to catch your significant other in the act of their misdoings.

In the comments, many people had strong opinions on how to approach the situation.

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One person wrote, “I always told my daughter ‘if you have to ask God for a sign, then THATS YOUR SIGN!!’”

“Yes!! Ladies you don’t need proof! Don’t waste your time & energy! Trust your gut!” another said.

Some people even admitted to trying the same tactic to obtain some proof they were being cheated on.

“Did we come across the same Verizon lady!? She told me she couldn’t give me info on the account but suggested if I knew his email to try a password,” one person said.

Another commented, “Download the Verizon app on your phone. From there you'll see all the numbers and times he's texted.”

Even a former employee weighed in, “As someone who worked in a Verizon store for 6 years there were MANY moments we wished we could send things to girlfriends/wives.”

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