Curtis and AJ Pritchard are acting together again for TikTok advert

Well, food doesn’t get much fresher than this.

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after realising the crab in her soup pot was still alive and eating corn on the cob.

TikToker Tynisha Berry (@bignisha28) posted the video, captioned “when you are cooking soup then you see the crab that is still alive and eating corn” with the funny hashtag “crab boil gone wrong”.

In the video, the crab can be seen calmly munching away at the corn on the cob, despite being in a boiling pot of water and facing impending death.


When you are cooking soup then you see the crab that is still alive and eating corn isn't it so happy I wish I saw this on tiktok🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #laughingmyassoff #crabboilgonewrong

It has since received over 9.3 million views, 650,000 likes and thousands of comments reacting to Berry’s strange discovery.

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One user commented: “Y’all caught him in his hot bath enjoying his dinner LOL.”

Another said: “He’s stress eating, I do this all the time.”

Another commented: “Me in my scalding hot bath at 2am.”

Others even suggested that Berry should let the crab so at this point.

One user said: “I would’ve given up on life and stopped trying to cook the poor buy, like ‘yeah buddy, let’s go grab a salad’.”

Another commented: “I would’ve taken him out and made him my pet, because God has a plan for him.”

Another said: “Take him out! He deserves to live.”

It is unclear from Berry’s profile whether she decided to kill and eat the crab or mercifully set him free. We also can’t confirm whether she kept him as a pet or not.

Either way, I think we’re put off crab for dinner for a while.

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