‘Terrifying’ video shows man knocking on woman’s car window and asking her strange question

‘Terrifying’ video shows man knocking on woman’s car window and asking her strange question

A TikTok user has shared her “terrifying” experience after a man knocked on her car window and tried to ask her an inappropriately personal question…

In the video, shared by the account @insanesluug, a woman begins by telling viewers about an item that she’s found at a CVS store before being interrupted by a knock on her window.

She winds down the window to the apparent stranger, who then asks:

“Excuse me, young lady. I don’t mean to bother you … but how do your feet smell?”

Clearly shocked, the woman rolls the window back up and hurriedly prepares to drive away from the man.

You can find the clip here.

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The video, which has been viewed more than 13 million times, sparked understandably concerned reactions from viewers – but the user involved is apparently okay.

Although it’s unclear when the incident took place and who the man was, @insanesluug shared some more details from the bizarre meeting in a follow-up video.

In response to a comment, she said that she started filming because she had found some thigh-highs that did not roll down on her thighs and wanted to share the discovery with her followers.

She continued:

“Why did I roll down the window? I couldn’t find the bag in my car. My original thought was, ‘Oh s***, he works there. I must have left it in the store. He’s coming out to give it to me.’ He didn’t work there. He asked what my feet smell like....”

The woman added that after she rolled up the window, the man turned and ran away…

“The original video I was gonna make was totally boring, but I’m glad I started recording because otherwise I would’ve missed that f****** gem,” she said.

“Glad everybody got a laugh out of it. It was terrifying.”

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