Man posts confrontation with ‘disrespectful’ Wendy’s drive-thru worker – and it backfires spectacularly

Man posts confrontation with ‘disrespectful’ Wendy’s drive-thru worker – and it backfires spectacularly

Normally when someone posts a video on social media they’re hoping for solidarity and likes.

But one man missed the mark when he decided to share a video of a fiery encounter he and his partner had had at a Wendy’s drive-thru.

TikTok user Jervon Speed Jr (@lotp_von) claimed in a caption that his girlfriend had “paused to think about what she wanted to drink for two seconds – no lie – and the lady got disrespectful.”

He said the footage showed what happened “right after”, but the clip starts abruptly so it’s not clear how the confrontation really kicked off.

It begins with the TikToker telling the worker through the intercom: “[You’re] mad because you hate your job.”

Jervon then proceeds to order an item off the menu, saying: “Anyways, can I get a number 10?”

The fast food chain employee then responds angrily: “No.”

He replies: “Why not?” before repeating his order, which this time is met with silence.

His girlfriend then asks: “Can I get somebody else at the drive-thru?”

Jervon continues to demand his “number 10,” before asking the worker patronisingly: “You know what a number 10 is?”

“No,” she responds again.

At this point, he and his partner begin to laugh at the server’s dogged refusals, again asking “why” she won’t accept his food request, and pointing out that the item is “on the menu”.

They then refer to her as “Sharkeisha” – the name of a young woman who was filmed back in 2013 attacking a teenage girl, with the recording soon going viral across the world.

The video then cuts to a later point, showing that the stand-off has continued to heat up.

Attempting to calm things down, Jervon says to the Wendy’s staff member: “I understand, we’ve had a long day, you’ve had a long day – it (their behaviour) could have been better on both parts, 100 per cent.”

With this, the worker agrees, saying: “Absolutely. That’s why I’m calm.”

But, referring to Jervon’s girlfriend, she continues: “If she wants to get brawly, I’m trying to save her life. She doesn’t need to get brawly.”

The girlfriend then chimes in asking: “Is that a threat?” before the pair again demand to know if they can place their orders.

The server then retorts that if the customer is going to continue to be hostile then “b**** no.” And, with that, the video ends.

Jervon presumably posted the clip in the hope that people would be as shocked at the employee’s response as he was.

Instead, he was met with a flurry of comments condemning his and his partner’s behaviour.

“[You] really thought the [people] were gonna be on your side. Nah, [we’re] with the worker, they don’t get paid enough to deal with your bulls***,” one wrote.

“Y’all called her Sharkeisha and then continued to antagonise her… Just go to a different restaurant,” said another.

A third insisted: “I’m sorry but I wouldn’t take your orders either if you [were] talking to me like that.”

While a fourth commented: “People harass customer service workers like it’s funny then turn off the camera to film people’s reactions when they’ve finally had enough???”

However, a fifth suggested Jervon should have started filming earlier to offer a better insight into the context.

“I know but I didn’t think it was going to escalate to where the lady was gonna actually s*** talk,” he replied. “I figured she had some self control.”

Indy100 has contacted Wendy’s for comment.

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