An optical illusion on TikTok about white rabbits is leaving people baffled

Liam O'Dell@LiamODellUK
Saturday 05 June 2021 15:52

An optical illusion shared on TikTok is leaving viewers scratching their heads, after it invites them to guess the number of white rabbits in an image.

The graphic was posted by creator @HecticNick, who claimed that “only one per cent of people can find all the rabbits in this image”, adding that it was “not easy”.

The illusion itself shows several rabbits gathered around a train track on a snowy day, with the sky also a bright white, making it hard to spot all of the furry animals.

With more than 9,600 comments, many have been left stumped as to the right number of rabbits in the image.

“Infinity because of the snow is white and rabbits in the [image] are white so I pick infinity [sic],” one wrote.

Another added that they “only got 19”, with Nick responding with “pain”.

The account is yet to reveal the actual answer, but told one commenter that 21 was “close”.

Whatever the correct number is, we hope Nick ‘hops’ to it and puts us out of our misery soon. And if you want to try your luck at guessing, you can do so here.