TikToker Goes Viral Asking Strangers To Be Her Sugar Daddy

A woman on TikTok has revealed that she accidentally sent several photos of her vagina, meant for her doctor, to an unknown email in a viral video.

With over 15 million views, Chezablonde, otherwise known as Rhys, a transgender woman, recounted the funny story to her followers and viewers saying she's not really sure what to do about it.

Having just undergone gender reassignment surgery, the TikToker was asked by her doctor to continuously send updates of her vagina to ensure the healing process was going well.

Rhys said she sent her doctor "two or three photos once a day or every other day" as the doctor requested. But when the doctor called asking where the photos where, Rhys double checked the email she had sent them to.

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"Turns out I've been sending pictures of my fanny to the wrong f***ing email address, so if anyone's got them, I'm really sorry," Rhys said in the video.


Could only be me #fyp#transgender#genderreasignmentsurgery

Commenters joked with Rhys, trying to make light of her mistake.

"Some guys out there trying to explain the emails to his wife".

"What If you ruined a [marriage]".

"For free????"

"Don't say sorry! Say "You're welcome".

Despite the funny story, Rhys also uses her account to share her experience as a transgender woman with her followers. In other videos, the TikToker has described the process of having surgery and what her transition has been like.

Rhys often answers questions from commenters to help educate others on how transgender women may transition with the help of hormones or surgery.


#answer to @designatedhumanist #genderreasignmentsurgery#lgbtq#trans

Now with followers invested in her journey, Rhys also makes update videos on her healing process.

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