TikTok user left a Yelp review for her waiter – and got a fierce response from his girlfriend

<p>TikTok user Antonia was left baffled after her review was misconstrued</p>

TikTok user Antonia was left baffled after her review was misconstrued


It’s always nice to leave a positive review after a restaurant trip, but flirtation is not always advisable.

One TikTok user found this out the hard way after she was a little too complimentary of her waiter – or so his girlfriend thought.

The user called Antonia, or @antoniaeveee, explained that she had enjoyed a nice dinner with friends when their server asked them to leave a review including his name: Ira.

Deciding to honour his request she wrote on Yelp: “Love the atmosphere. Pretty good drinks, nice food menu. Ira? My king. Love you. Xoxo.”

But that didn’t go down too well with Ira’s girlfriend who, 20 minutes later, sent Antonia an angry response.

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It read: “I saw your review for my boyfriend Ira and I don’t really appreciate what you said calling him your king etc.

“I felt like it was inappropriate and a comment about his services would have sufficed. I don’t know if he gave you some kind of impression or was flirting etc. but I’d like to know.

“If not then if you don’t mind editing the review or writing a new one, that would be great.”

Antonia shared screenshots of their exchange on TikTok

A baffled Antonia then replied, writing: “Hahahahaha I wrote a review because they were all competing for the most reviews for the night. Nothing to worry about.”

The girlfriend then clarified that she wasn’t annoyed that the diner had written a review, but stressed: “It’s about how it was written and perceived”.

She added: “But if it’s nothing, I apologise and enjoy the rest of your night.”

Speaking over the top of the screenshots, Antonia explained how bizarre she found the whole encounter.

She said on the video titled ‘Beefing with someone’s girlfriend on Yelp’: “I didn’t want to be, like, you’re f***ing crazy, but imagine going on Yelp to look at your boyfriend’s restaurant, and messaging someone from a review within 20 minutes.”

Fellow TicTokers agreed, with one person writing: “TWENTY MINUTES LATER?! Does she get alerts for Yelp reviews at the restaurant or something?”

But others attempted to stick up for the girlfriend, saying: “She probably recently got cheated on and is going a little crazy.”

Meanwhile, we’re wondering what Ira made of all this...

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