TikToker star confronts ‘creepy’ man taking photos of her at airport

People all over social media are applauding two women for confronting a man at the airport who took photos of them without their consent.

The woman, who has the TikTok username @bailzherb, posted the video with the caption, “I know some people won’t understand why we are so upset/mad but this happens WAY too often and it’s violating and creepy”.

In the video, she and her friend start recording themselves walking up to a middle-aged man in a blue striped shirt and black shorts.

As soon as the women get in close proximity, they ask the man if he took photos of them, which he denied.

They then ask to see his camera roll, in which the man starts to walk away, saying, “No, that’s ok” and “don’t worry about it.”

After a while, he then admits to taking the photos by saying he’ll delete them.

“Sir, it’s really weird to take pictures of females in public without their permission, so you should never do that again,” said @bailzherb.

“Sir , its really weird to take pictures of females in public without their permission, so you should never do that again.”Photo courtesy of @bailzherb/TikTok

He was still tripping over his words but assured the women that he would delete the photos later.

But @bailzherb and her friend rightfully insisted that he delete the photos (all five of them) in front of them.

She also insisted that he delete the photos from both the camera roll and trash bin to ensure that the job was done before tilting the camera up to reveal parts of his face.

Close-up of man

“Is this someone’s dad that takes pictures of females in public,” she said as the man seemed to object in the background. “I’ll call you out any day because that’s f*****g weird. Don’t ever do that again,” she continued.

Many onlookers praised the women in the comments and even pointed out how embarrassed the man must feel for being caught doing something inappropriate.

Screenshot of comment from C-Lo.

Screenshot on a comment from @esyaboijef/ TikTok

Others pointed out that this is a way for human traffickers to scout their victims.

Screenshot of comment from @Devynmolinari/ TikTok

@bailzherb and her friend deserve all the respect for having a sense of empowerment to stand up for something as disrespectful as getting photographed by a stranger.

Check out the full video via Reddit below.

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