TikToker says landlord is trying to kick her out of apartment she’s lived in for 4 years

TikToker says landlord is trying to kick her out of apartment she’s lived in for 4 years
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A woman has gone viral after alleging that her landlord attempted to evict her from the apartment she's lived in for the past four years when she discovered her tenant was black.

TikToker Julissa Escobar (@julissaescobar681) claimed she's not on the leasehold for the apartment but that her roommate who had recently passed away was.

Although it is unclear as to whether Escobar's allegations are true or not, it didn't stop the video from going viral on the app.

In the video, captured footage it seems she's telling what appears to be the Florida realtor in her apartment: "Don't be trying to do things to people just because you think that you're the boss because you're a homeowner."

As Escobar is talking, she pans the camera around to the outside where another woman can be seen holding up a phone with a police officer behind her and both are walking towards the TikToker.

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Escobar greets the police officer and asked to speak with him, and the woman who appears to be the realtor offers to give her information to her tenant, Escobar declines and tells her she will be "out of here tomorrow."

She says goodbye to the realtor before telling her to "get the f**k out" of her apartment.

"Y’all shouldn’t have invaded my privacy to begin with,” Escobar said and then told the realtor: “This is why I'm getting ready to put this online so people can see what kind of homeowner you are."

"Get the f**k out and goodbye," she added.

The TikTok then asks the police officer to close the door "because it's my respect for someone who lives here," and continues: "That's why I have mail here, I've been here for four years." She then shows the mail she's received on camera.

Meanwhile, on the text overlay, Escobar provides some more context as to why the realtor came over in the first place and described the incident as a "failed attempt" to evict her "because the owner was unaware that I was black."

Since sharing her footage, Escobar's video has received 1.9m views, 156,000 likes and the TikToker provided some additional updates on the situation in follow-up TikToks.

Reply to @josellegodfirst


Reply to @josellegodfirst

Reply to @josellegodfirst

Escobar described how when she returned to her apartment "there was a lock that was locked that [she] didn’t lock." The property manager then opened the door and told her she chatted with the late roommate's sister (who Escobar said knows she lives in the apartment) and now the apartment is going to get cleaned to ensure it's "ready to rent."

The landlord then appeared at her place and informed Escobar of the same news to which Escobar decided to call the police at this point.

When the police showed up, they escorted the landlord off the property, informing them that "this is a civil matter and they had to leave". He also told the TikToker to “change [her] locks and call the police if they come back."

She further explained in the comments section that her roommate tragically lost his battle with cancer,

“The property manager came to the apartment to inform me that the landlord wants the apartment cleaned out so she can rent to someone else,” Escobar explained. “Rent is paid and it’s illegal to move me out.”

In another video update, Escobar said she called the Floria State Board of Realtors where the guy on the phone was "very helpful" and claimed that they do not have a license number for Escobar's realtor "or it could be in another name" if she got remarried for example.





indy100 has contacted Florida Real Estate Commission to verify whether the realtor’s license does exist.

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