‘Time traveller’ bizarrely claims he’s stuck in 2027 and warns of human extinction

‘Time traveller’ bizarrely claims he’s stuck in 2027 and warns of human extinction

A man claims to be in 2027, warning people that human extinction is a few years away as he shows abandoned cars and buildings.

Javier, who goes by @unicosobreviviente (which means “only survivor”) on the platform, has posted numerous videos since the day before Valentine’s Day of this year, showing a barren Valencia, Spain town.

Although people aren’t seen in the video, things like wifi and electricity seem to be running smoothly for him to make countless uploads.

“I just woke up in a hospital, and I don’t know what might have happened. Today is February 13, 2027, and I am alone in the city, “ Javier wrote in a video caption.

While writing in the text over the screen that people are extinct, he also adds, “there is no one in the shopping centres,” before you see empty clothes.

However, the shelves and racks are filled with clothes, similar to what a store looks like when it first opens up for the day.

<p>\u201cNo one in the shopping centres.\u201d</p>“No one in the shopping centres.”Photo courtesy of @unicosobreviviente/TikTok

You also can see empty streets and an empty beach in subsequent scenes of the video.

An empty beach.An empty beach.Photo courtesy of @unicosobreviviente/TikTok

The video has over 11.1 million views.

Check out the video here.

People in the comments of the video weren’t convinced by his claims too much.

“The signs of people’s feet on the beach are clear,” someone wrote.

“Record this video with [a] screen recorder and show us the date if it was 2027,” another added.

On the other hand, some people poked fun at the situation, saying that Javier is “lucky” to be on his “own in the country” and how he can get anything he “wants.”

Someone else decided to ask a question about the future, writing, “Am I still alive or am I married in 2027????”

The very next day, he asked his followers for assistance in a second video.

“I need your help. Name in comments who you think could help me,” he captioned the video as he showed footage of desolate corridors and historic buildings.

“I keep trying to find human life, he wrote in the text over screen. “I am starting to lose hope,” the text continued.

When others in the comments questioned why there are still lights on and internet access despite the bleakness, he said that he was unsure but thinks it has to do with a “connection between 2021 and 2027.”

As the time travel mystery plot thickens, Javier continues to share clips of his life in the near future.

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