‘Time traveller from 2027’ posts bizarre video of himself as ‘last person on Earth’ to ‘prove haters wrong’

‘Time traveller from 2027’ posts bizarre video of himself as ‘last person on Earth’ to ‘prove haters wrong’
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A man claiming to be a time traveller stuck in the year 2027 is determined to prove sceptics wrong with his latest post, in which he shared eerie footage of a deserted city in a bid to show he’s the “last person on Earth.”

TikToker Javier (@unicosobreviviente - which means “only survivor”) has racked up over 6m followers through sharing his solo adventures as a “time traveller” by filming abandoned places, buildings and cars. He’s even previously warned that human extinction is just a few years away.

But of course, people have their doubts over the TikToker’s outlandish claims, believing it to be fake and that he is simply visiting places when they are quiet.


Responder a @diegogr01_

So, now Javier has directly responded to a commenter who asked for further proof by posting footage of his view from the top floor of a Barcelona hotel he’s currently residing in.

The clip filmed in the daytime shows what usually would be a busy city junction, but in Javier’s video it’s completely empty - and so looks pretty abandoned as he described.

“Waking up, everything changes place” Javier added in the comment section.

“I am trapped between 2021 and 2027. I am in a world parallel to yours.”

Though despite hitting back at critics with the clip, many still didn’t believe the TikToker’s story and were pointing out a number of discrepancies within the video.

One person wrote: “It’s obviously a video from back in lockdown when no one was out.”

“My garden gets overgrown in less than a week but all the landscaping here remains perfect with no tending...” another person said.

“Amazing how the traffic lights are still working,” someone else added. “This was taken during lockdown, everywhere was like a ghost town.”

“How did the red car get parked there? In the night video there is no red car,” a fourth person replied.

Meanwhile, sceptics were also quick to point out that a bird appeared to survive whatever disaster supposedly happened on Earth as it was spotted flying in the sky within the first second of the TikTok.

One person wrote: “He forgot to edit the bird.”

“There is a bird at the beginning of the video,” another person said.

Someone else added: “A bird in this one? Hmmm...”

Whether you believe Javier or not, either way the TikToker is racking up the views as people point out clues so we guess he’s the real winner here.

We’ll have to wait another six years to see if he’s right...

Though Javier isn’t the only person claiming to be a time traveller on the social media platform.

Another TikToker (@aesthetictimewarper) who said they are from the year 2714 made some bizarre predictions - including that aliens were going to land on Earth on 11th August and start a war with humanity (which didn’t come true FYI).

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