6 times reality TV went too far

6 times reality TV went too far
Naked Attraction's raunchiest new series moments so far

Reality TV shows are a breeding ground for controversy – especially in their infancy.

Many of the snippets – and some series that went on to get cancelled for obvious reasons – have been left in the past where they belong.

That said, now and again we get a subtle reminder that they did actually exist, thanks to social media.

From cooking up controversy on I'm a Celebrity to a notorious moment on Joe Rogan's Fear Factor, here are six moments that simply went too far:

Naked Attraction: Man gets too excited and escorted off the show

Channel 4

The unhinged Channel 4 show once saw one man escorted off stage for getting aroused.

Speaking on the Andy Jay Podcast, host Anna Richardson recalled an episode a few seasons back with a young man who was "getting a little bit excited about what was about to happen".

She added: "Our lovely floor manager, Dave the floor manager, had to go 'come on' and just had to escort him off the floor for a little while, just to calm down. And then he was brought back onto set.

"It all happens. Boys being boys - you can't control your anatomy, can you? So, there's been a little bit of excitement."

Gino D'Acampo cooks a wild rat for dinner on I'm A Celeb

Gino D’Acampo may have won series nine of I’m a Celebrity, but he certainly stirred up a storm along the way. The lack of food in camp prompted the celebrity chef to get creative, making a rat risotto with one he stumbled across in the jungle.

Chief Inspector David Oshannessy, of the New South Wales RSPCA, said at the time: “The allegation is that an animal was cruelly treated on the set."

He continued: "It was a rat that was killed. There is a code of conduct in New South Wales that dictates how animals can be used. The killing of a rat for a performance is not acceptable."

ITV were later fined for the incident.

I'm a Celebrity... 2009 - The Rat Eating

The entire Fat Families series

In recent months, attention has turned to the brutal weight loss reality show, thanks to TikTok – and many can't believe it made it on TV. Even host Steve Miller acknowledged it would not sail in 2023.

In one clip re-shared online, Miller responded: "I loved presenting this show. It helped so many. But like Little Britain, I doubt it would ever be recommissioned."

He added: "I think there's more chance of Santa coming down the chimney than it being recommissioned. Comedy is sadly dying!"

The Sky1 show lasted two seasons before production stopped at the end of 2010.


UK TV at its finest… 😆 #uk #uktv #tv

The first and final episode of Who's Your Daddy?

The 2005 American show was cancelled after one single episode – for very obvious reasons.

For a chance to win $100,000, contestants who were adopted had to guess who their real dad was out of a lineup of 25 men. If they chose the wrong man, the biological dad got the money.

At the time, a spokesperson told Variety: "It's the most emotional show we've ever put on the air... I guarantee you: if you have any heart, you'll be bawling at the end of the show."

...Or not.

Who's Your Daddy Promo [2004]

Tyra Banks dumps 'sick' America's Next Top Model contestant in the most brutal way

It was the show that had every teen girl in a chokehold over a course of 24 seasons – yet, no one truly realised how toxic it actually was at the time.

Every few months, a snippet from the show crops up on social media, with people likening it to Squid Games hosted by the "sadistic" former model.

One clip sees the models waiting to find out who will be eliminated.

Addressing one contestant Joslyn Pennywell, Banks said: "You have such a beautiful strength, and for someone to get up and be so sick, and still to perform? That’s a survivor."

Pennywell had notably been violently sick while at the CoverGirl commercial task.

As she turned the card to reveal the photo, Banks plainly said: "And Joslyn, you’ll be able to survive this."

It was then revealed that she had been eliminated. Pennywell broke down in tears, believing that she had been saved.

Drinking donkey semen on Fear Factor

Way before Joe Rogan was podcaster Joe Rogan, he was the host of Fear Factor, a stunt show that saw participants across the world battle it out for a cash prize.

One scene showed twins Claire and Brynne chugging 30 and 24 ounces of donkey urine and semen, with Claire detailing it tasted bitter "with hints of hay."

The NBC show was eventually cancelled in 2006.

Fear Factor Moments | Donkey

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