Woman goes on Tinder date to get a lift to other man’s house during Uber strike

Woman goes on Tinder date to get a lift to other man’s house during Uber strike
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A man has told of how he was duped into giving a Tinder match a lift to a hookup with another man.

The woman apparently matched with him to hitch a ride as there was an Uber strike in the area.

Taking to the popular Today I F***ed Up forum on Reddit, the man said he went on “the shortest and saddest Tinder date ever”.

He said his match was attractive and seemed interested in getting to know him. She was keen to hang out, so he collected her from her place for their date. The conversation flowed well in the car, and he said she was “even more attractive in person”.

While on the way to the date location, she asked if they could stop by her friend’s house as “there was something of hers that the friend had which she needed back”.

The house was on their way, so he didn’t mind.

When they arrived, she went inside and he waited in the driveway.

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When she didn’t come out after ten minutes, he sent a text message asking for an update. She didn’t respond, so eventually he called.

Finally, he decided to walk up to the front door and knocked. A tall good looking man covered in tattoos, who looked like a “classic case of not the kind of guy girls bring home to their parents type”, opened the door.

The guy asked if the Redditor wanted to come in, but he refused and said he’s waiting for his Tinder date to come back outside so they could go on their date.

But the man told him that she wouldn’t be coming out anytime soon “because she’s having sex with his roommate”.

He said he doesn’t know what his facial expression was like in that moment, but the guy decided to give him a hug without warning. The guy said he also had a fling with her and assured him that there are more fish in the sea.

The Redditor wrote: “Not gonna lie, I did shed a tear or two on my way home.

“This morning I received a message from my so called date.

“In the message she blamed the striking Uber drivers in my country for forcing her to find other ways of getting car rides. I deleted her number without responding.”

The top comment, with over 25,000 upvotes, reads: “At least you got hugged by tattoo-guy. Could be worse”.

Another Redditor responded to say they assumed the guy with the tattoos would have been the one to be involved with the girl and said they thought the Redditor’s story would end in a confrontation. “This ended up... Much more wholesome than I had expected,” they commented.

“That guy is a bro. Man knew exactly how it felt and went out of his way to make you feel better. Be confident, cause clearly you're doing right, just ended up matching with someone who's not,” another said.

Another wrote: “Damn. I’d heard of women using dates with men for free food. But as a booty Uber? That’s a new low.”

Summing up what we’re all thinking, another commenter said: “What a colossal a**hole”.

Responding to another comment, the original poster said: “Won't be surprised if she organized another date just to get someone to take her home.”

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