Lewis Capaldi: ‘I've been kicked off Tinder’
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Tinder isn’t generally known for hosting the most tactful or tasteful exchanges, but one man’s lengthy response to a single mother has hit a whole new level of offensiveness.

A screenshot shared to social media on Monday offers a glimpse of a text conversation between the two strangers, beginning with his declaration that he doesn’t think they’d be a good match.

“Out of curiosity, which part made you determine that?” the woman asked, according to the grab.

His brazenly misogynistic reply sent Reddit reeling, with the post racking up more than 27,000 likes and 4,300 comments in just two days.

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“Single mother,” he answered bluntly. “So I’ll come second to children that aren’t even mine.” He then added somewhat more gallantly: “Which is totally understandable btw.”

But, he continued: “Also you have kids and you’re 35 so you probably don’t want anymore [sic] and even if you did it’s [sic] about a 70% chance that you can’t.”

It gets worse.

“You’re also an ‘independent’ woman. So you’re [sic] career will come before me as well. Most likely not submissive. Have the same ‘I don’t need a man I want a man’ mentality as all the other girls that let that social construct brainwash them,” he went on.

Clarifying what he was, in fact, looking for, he said: “I want a stay at home wife that’s the mother to my children who will give me stability and will stay loyal to me and is submissive. But that’s impossible to find.”

Ending his unsolicited monologue, he wrote: “Sorry for the rant, modern dating is impossible for men like me lol.”

The post was titled: "Fellas, y'all okay?"u/maggie805/Tinder

Redittors did not find his message “lol”, however, with thousands of commentators condemning the stomach-churning tirade.

“‘Men like me’…. Hmmm how would we classify this man? I’ll start with sadly incapable,” one wrote.

“‘Straight out of the sixties’ guy,” offered a second, with another agreeing: "Dude needs a time machine, not Tinder."

“Fragile and clueless. Where [the f****] do men get this ‘submissive’ [c***] from?” asked a fifth.

“Probably from some alpha mentality influencer,” a fourth responded.

Others questioned the man’s motivations, with one suggesting his message was “bait from the narcissistic playbook”.

“If he spams this out he might be able to find someone who's a pleaser. Someone that will retort with ‘no no you're wrong I'm (fill in the blank)’,” they said.

“Most wouldn't do this But you will get the rare one that will respond to it. A pleaser is like a diamond to a narcissist.”

Others suggested he had only swiped right on the woman in the first place so that he could bombard her with his sexist diatribe.

We hope her search for love has gone more smoothly since then, and we hope he's now booked himself in for some much-needed therapy.

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