Tom has the best mum ever. And it’ll only take 40 seconds for you to agree with me.

He was video chatting to his mum when an anonymous Conservative campaigner allegedly came knocking at her door.

You can hear Tom's mum Clare saying:

I work with disabled children. They’ve cut and cut and cut services and money for disabled children. And I know what it's like. 

I know what it's like to be in those houses.

It's at this point that the campaigner, still off camera, says something about the IRA. It's just about audible:

... to put an IRA supporter in charge of our country.

Clare let's rip at that.

I don’t give a sh*t about the IRA.

I really do not want your sh*t through my door ever again.

So if you wanna cross me off your list I would be really happy


How was that Tom?

Here’s the clip:

indy100 spoke to Tom about his amazing Mum and he explained:

She suddenly stopped talking when she saw people outside and said “there's Tories outside,” so I asked her to take the laptop with her.

"Mum has a bit of a track record with canvassers," Tom continued, "having once argued with a Ukip one."

Clare is based in a constituency that tends to be Labour, but there have been a fair few canvasses of late.

Tom added:

She always speaks her mind and is very passionate about politics.

We're a labour family, and we think it's amazing how much momentum they've picked up!

The canvasser in question has certainly painted the Tories in a bad light:

But there was one winner:

In short ladies, gentlemen and everyone in between: Tom's Mum Clare for PM

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