Flight attendant proposes to pilot girlfriend onboard Pride plane

A Conservative councillor from Stirling was booed while trying to address a crowd at a Scottish Pride parade.

The amusing incident occurred at Edinburgh Pride, with footage showing how Neil Benny was booed before he even took the microphone as he was introduced to the attendees.

A TikTok was posted by @lockdounethoughts and showed Benny on board an open-top bus being introduced as a “Stirling councillor for the Conservative party”. The crowd below immediately began to heckle and boo.

Benny then took the microphone and before he could even get a word out, the boos increased in volume

The councillor attempted to speak over the booing and made a point to say: “Well look, this is about diversity and about everyone being welcome at Pride.”

His words were barely audible as chants of “Tory scum” began to come from the revellers.

Text overlay on the TikTok read: “Well that went really well for the Tories at Edinburgh Pride.”

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In the comments, one person wrote: “To all those chanting I hope you’re proud of yourselves ………….. because I’m very proud of you all.”

Another said: “People forget that pride is a protest as well as a celebration of rights! if you don't believe in LGBTQ+ rights, then you're going to be protested!”

Someone else added: “I love this it really warms my heart.”

The clip was also posted to Reddit where it received a similarly gleeful reception.

Following the incident, Benny penned a piece in The Scotsman condemning what he called the “vocal minority” shouting him down.

He wrote: “It is not right for those of a particular view to hijack the LGBT community for their own ends. They have no right to make those they disagree with feel unwelcome in the community.

“It isn’t their community, it is our community and it is one where all minorities should be welcome, not just those who carry a bullhorn.”

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