Imagining celebrities or politicians as different things, be them cans of Marks and Spencer beverages or legal drugs, is easily one of the best online trends of 2019.

However, we may have finally gone through the looking glass with a thread that could have been plucked from your deepest, darkest nightmares.

As the Tory leadership race begins to heat up, Twitter user @YesMissMurphy has created a now-viral thread comparing the 11 candidates to terrifying pieces of taxidermy.

We apologise if this gives any of you nightmares.

Rory Stewart as some sort of dog

Andrea Leadsom as whatever this is...

Sajid Javid as a demonic bat

Sam Gyimah as a rather fetching Lynx (sadly Gyimah isn't running anymore but at least he had the best-looking animal in this thread)

Mark Harper as a fox that may have taken too many drugs

Matt Hancock as a really sad otter

Esther McVey also as a fox that may have done too many drugs

Dominic Raab as a surprised cat

Jeremy Hunt as what looks like a fox but we can't be sure

Boris Johnson as a fox's head

And of course, let's not forget, Michael Gove as a puffer fish

The thread has now been shared on Twitter more than 1000 times and needless to say, people think it is hilarious and scarily accurate.

Oh and if you enjoyed this please consider donating to @YesMissMurphy's charity of choice.

HT The Poke

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