Stunning optical illusion shows you a colour that you can't see on TVs and monitors

Reverse perspective optical illusion goes viral on TikTok

An unbelievable optical illusion allows you to see a colour never before seen on a screen in a viral TikTok video.

A clip posted by Kate Bacon, which has been viewed 23.4 million times, was captioned, “Blue like you’ve never seen it before…”

In the video, Kate explained how people could see the colour for themselves.

She said: “I’m going to show you a colour that you've probably never seen before. It’s called true cyan and most TVs and monitors aren’t capable of producing this pigment.”

You’ve probably never seen this color before... #womeninstem #voiceacting #science


You’ve probably never seen this color before... #womeninstem #voiceacting #science

You’ve probably never seen this color before... #womeninstem #voiceacting #science

Next, she explained how viewers could see it for themselves. Kate posted an image of a red circle on turquoise or blue background. The red circle had a white dot in the centre that is crucial to the illusion.

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Kate explained: “Keep your head still and stare at the white dot in the centre of the red circle. The longer you stare, the better you’ll be able to see it.”

She continued: “After 30 seconds, close your eyes tightly and you'll see a glowing orb. That is the colour of true cyan.”

TikTok users who tried the optical illusion were amazed by the results.

One person simply commented: “woah.”

Another, wrote: “I CAN SEE IT IT LOOKS SO COOL.”

Someone else added: “omg yes it was bluish plus greenish great stuff.”

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