Trump- a woman is 'somebody that swims at a certain time'

Donald Trump gave his personal definition of a woman during his appearance on Piers Morgan UncensoredPiers Morgan Uncensored, and his response was extremely odd.

Before the former President of the United States stormed out of his explosive interview with ex-Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan, the two discussed various topics. The discussion ranged from how Trump would approach the Russia-Ukraine issue and whether the 2020 election results were fair.

Morgan and Trump also discussed Trump's stance on transgender athletes, which is what lead to the politician giving his definition of what 'a woman' is.

The TV host asked Trump, "How much do you think the cancel culture... the woke debate is now beginning to really damage the democrats, and I'll give you an example that's been raging recently. This whole issue of transgender athletes in sport, for example, in women's sport."

Trump agreed with Morgan, who said that the inclusion of transgender athletes is "grotesquely unfair."

Although he initially said that he would "not going to respond to the question" of what the definition of a woman is, Trump then proceeded to give his definition anyway.

"But a woman is somebody that swims at a certain time and doesn't get beaten by 38 seconds by somebody that wasn't even a good swimmer as a male," Trump said.

In response to his definition, Morgan simply scoffed.

Trump's definition of what 'a woman' is is in reference to the 22-year-old athlete Lia Thomas. The former President previously slammed Thomas earlier this year on 29 January at a rally in Texas.

He not only misgendered the swimmer but also falsely claimed she had broken a specific record, which he reiterated in his definition of 'a woman' to Morgan.

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