This latest piece of Trump fan art has become a hilarious meme

This latest piece of Trump fan art has become a hilarious meme

A Trump supporter has revealed his latest painting of the president, and in turn, launched a thousand memes. The internet is sometimes a wonderful place.

Painter Jon McNaughton revealed his latest work, a portrait of president Trump, entitled, 'The Masterpiece' on Twitter yesterday, and within 24 hours the piece had already produced a good amount of spoofs, as one can imagine.

Come on Jon, you surely knew what you were doing with this.

Aside from inviting a thousand memes, you've made Trump's thumb look like, well, like it could be something else. Let's just say that.

The fact he's revealing something so vague opens you up to a multitude of photoshopping tools, and you're so earnest in your tweet that it instantly makes people want to mock you. Like these people have;

A meme within a meme that one, genius.

Quite a few referenced the Charlottesville march.

As well as the horrendous family separations at the Southern border.

Not to mention the alleged links to Russia, any excuse to use this photo, right?

And of course, a reference to freedom and democracy slowly burning to the ground. Memes can be poignant too, who knew?

You can buy Jon's Masterpiece here, for as little as $29, to mess with in your own home, should you so wish.

Or why not watch his explainer of the painting?

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