People are imagining what a Trump graduation speech would sound like and the results are hilarious
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People are imagining what a Trump graduation speech might sound like and absolutely nailing it.

#TrumpCommencementSpeech began trending on Twitter after former president Barack Obama addressed graduating students in two virtual speeches.

It is customary in the US for presidents and other public figures to offer advice to outgoing students at the end of the academic year - as well as digging into their own politics or personal philosophy.

During Obama's speeches, which were addressed to high school seniors and graduating students at historically black universities and colleges, he criticised the Trump administration for lacking "leadership" over the coronavirus pandemic and even made a Tiger King joke.

Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton all made multiple commencement speeches whilst in office. The contrast between Trump's style of oration and that of other presidents has been the subject of satire before: in fact, an entire Trump mock commencement speech was delivered by Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live.

So what might a Trump commencement speech sound like if it were made today? Twitter had some ideas.

Some people took the opportunity to share their favourite political cartoons.

Others got uncomfortably real about the kind of advice Trump might give graduating students.

Because he didn't exactly get to be a billionaire president on grift alone.

One Twitter user questioned whether there'd be much appetite for a Trump commencement speech at all.

But another pointed out that it would, at least, have its perks.

The hastag was an opportunity to rake over a few highlights from Trump's career.

Not to mention his unique coronavirus advice.

Trump isn't known as a master speechmaker.

Perhaps it's best to leave the commencement speeches to Obama.

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