If you’re looking for a place to go to question your faith in humanity, then Google trends – which tells us what people are actually searching for – is a good place to start.

As president Trump continues his trip to India – walking out to speak to a packed cricket stadium as “macho man” payed overhead – today turned out to be no exception to this rule.

It turns out that there’s been an uptick in Americans searching “where is India?” and, wait for it, “what is India?”




If you don’t believe us, here’s the evidence from Google trends, which shows a clear rise in searches of “where is India?” from inside the US from the last few days.

It seems that New Jersey is the worst offender.

Though this might not be surprising considering how that only a quarter of Americans knew where Iran was when World War III looked like it was happening.

Far more perplexing are the searches of “what is India?”

Look, the spike here is even bigger...

Again, New Jersey is the worst offender.

We can only hope that some very small children have hacked into their parents iPads to search for this one…

Stay smart, America.

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