A Tumblr page is collecting the exact moment Trump voters realise they regret what they've done
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You might think the UK lags behind the US, but when it comes to politics you would be very mistaken.

The UK set a racist, hate-crime, anti-establishment precedent earlier this year when it voted to leave the EU. Then, the US set a racist, hate-crime, anti-establishment president on Mexicans, Muslims, women and gay people.

Then came portmanteau number two: Bregret.

After politicians silently shrugged when asked about the magic £350m for the NHS, and hate crimes spiked, some Brexit voters regretted their vote.

And now, the US has copied again, and sunk into its own post-vote remorse.

Trump voters aren’t happy. They're so unhappy, in fact, a Tumblr page called Trumpgretsnow exists to collate the moment Trump voters realise what they’ve done. It's a bit less catchy that Bregret, but just as tragic.

Ann Coulter wrote a book titled In Trump We Trust.

Not anymore.

And she isn't alone in her Tremorse:

Going back on his promises to put Hillary Clinton in jail didn't go down too well on some voters:

And people really don't seem to like Trump's tweets:

But why Trump's tweets are offputting




and utter


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