Tucker Carlson urges men to drop out of college and read 100 books on the internet

Tucker Carlson urges men to drop out of college and read 100 books on the internet
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson did an interview with a college student - and it turned into a conversation about how younger men should "drop out of college" and read 100 books instead.

Daniel Schmidt, 18, a University of Chicago student and creator of the YouTube channel Piece of Schmidt, recently uploaded a video of his interview with Carlson.

Schmidt asked the Fox News host about the "virtue" of getting married at a younger age.

Following digs about the rise of secularism, Carlson said that self-reproduction is "the highest level of achievement there is," and that most people should start having kids early.

The topic of discussion also caused Carlson to speak about young people seemingly going far away from the responsibilities of adulthood.

He also gave his piece of life advice to young men about discontinuing higher education.

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"Just dive face first into it. Drop out of college. College is ridiculous, unless you're moving towards some very specialized degree that you can only get in college; you wanna be a veterinarian or physicist or something.

"But if you're in humanities, I can give you a list of 100 books you can find on the internet. And you'll be better educated than you will be at whatever stupid college you go to, A. B, get married," he said.

Carlson also proceeded to note that "hot and "nice" are the "main qualifications" a man should seek in a woman he considers marrying.

People on Twitter also got a hold of the clip and called out what they felt was hypocrisy in Carlson's views.

One wrote: "Tucker Swanson McNear Carlson, stepson of a Swanson heiress/Fulbright scion, graduate of St. George's School & Trinity College, was advised by his father to join the CIA bc 'they'll take anybody.' (They rejected him.) He earns $35 Million/yr in Fox News salary alone."

"It's always the rich kids who can play with Daddy's money that are like 'durr I know more than my professors; college is stupid.' They just want to stay on top and not be questioned," another added.

A third wrote: "Carlson to young men… 'drop out of college & have more children than you can afford'… BREED, BREED, BREED! The 1% need an uneducated & desperate workforce who will work for pennies. It's the only way they can continue to live well while workers starve."

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The interview included Carlson bashing pornography, internet obsession, and his right-wing critics.

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