People want Dr Fauci to sue Tucker Carlson after he accused scientist of creating Covid

People want Dr Fauci to sue Tucker Carlson after he accused scientist of creating Covid

After Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson boldly told his audience that Dr Anthony Fauci created the Covid-19 virus, Twitter was in up arms and urged Dr Fauci to take legal action.

On Thursday, Carlson Talked about the breakthrough cases of Covid-19 where people who are fully vaccinated are still Contracting the virus. While he did that, he questioned Dr Fauci’s commentary on the virus’ ability to infect people with both vaccine doses by calling him the “guy who created Covid.”

“Why are so many vaccinated people getting Covid? … It’s happening to a lot of people, probably people you know. Most of them are fine, not all of them, but they’re still getting Covid,” Carlson said.

“If you want us to have confidence in your medicine, then tell us the full truth. But they won’t,” Carlson continued. It’s not transparent as to who “they” is in this statement, but it might have to do with President Joe Biden’s Administration or CDC director Rochelle Wollensky who has been a target of Tucker’s wrath that evening.

“Now, if there’s one message around COVID that has been consistent from the Biden administration … is that get the vaccine, don’t ask questions,” Tucker added.

People were evidently appalled by Tucker’s blunt statement and didn’t hesitate to call him out.

“Can Fauci just sue him now? Please?” someone wrote.

“If I were Fauci, I’d sue his TV dinner fortune fake news lily-white a** for libel tomorrow, then buy that dumb network w the settlement money and sell it for parts on eBay,” another added.

Check out some other responses below.

In the clip of the press conference highlighted in Tucker’s segment, Dr Fauci was talking about the symptoms of a fully vaccinated person with covid and an unvaccinated person with Covid and how they are very different. Both cases still carry the virus, the same which made the CDC revise guidelines about wearing masks indoors.

“Now that we have a Delta variant that has changed the entire landscape because when you look at the level of virus in the nasal pharynx of a vaccinated person who gets the breakthrough infection with Delta, it is exactly the same as the level of virus in an unvaccinated person who’s infected,” Dr Fauci said.

He added: “And that triggered the change in the CDC guidelines (in mask requirements).”

Carlson also mentioned high-profile names such as Piers Morgan who got the Delta variant of Covid after vaccination.

It’s not rare for people to contract a virus after being immunized; the CDC warns that no vaccination is 100 per cent effective against all viruses. According to Harvard’s School of Public Health, breakthrough infections are rare, and most people who are vaccinated yet still become sick are asymptomatic or have minor symptoms.

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