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The mystery of why people divorce is worryingly Googled, furiously mulled over and frantically discussed - but no one seems to get any closer.

Whatever insight scientific studies might give, it's hard to relate hard, cold facts to our heated emotional lives.

But poet Taylor Myers gets straight to the the heart of the sticky matter in a viral Tumblr post, where she shared her existential fear about love.

The accuracy actually hurts a bit.

She had no idea the post would take off this much, so she wrote a follow-up post to clarify a few things about the class and the love lessons she learned.

Describing how their teacher asked the class about their marriages, she said feels the class had a huge influence over her view of love:

After my teacher introduced us to this theory, she asked us, “is love a feeling? Or is it a choice?” We were all a bunch of teenagers. Naturally we said it was a feeling. She said that if we clung to that belief, we’d never have a lasting relationship of any sort.

She made us interview a dozen adults who were or had been married and we asked them about their marriages and why it lasted or why it failed. At the end, I asked every single person if love was an emotion or a choice.

Everybody said that it was a choice. It was a conscious commitment. It was something you choose to make work every day with a person who has chosen the same thing. They all said that at one point in their marriage, the “feeling of love” had vanished or faded and they weren’t happy. They said feelings are always changing and you cannot build something that will last on such a shaky foundation.

The married ones said that when things were bad, they chose to open the communication, chose to identify what broke and how to fix it, and chose to recreate something worth falling in love with.

The divorced ones said they chose to walk away.

Ever since that class, since that project, I never looked at relationships the same way. I understood why arranged marriages were successful. I discovered the difference in feelings and commitments. I’ve never gone for the person who makes my heart flutter or my head spin. I’ve chosen the people who were committed to choosing me, dedicated to finding something to adore even on the ugliest days.

I no longer fear the day someone who swore I was their universe can no longer see the stars in my eyes as long as they still choose to look until they find them again.

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