A Twitch streamer is selling her farts for $1000 a jar

A Twitch streamer is selling her farts for $1000 a jar
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A Twitch streamer has turned to a bizarre entrepreneurial venture: selling farts in a jar.

That's right, 28-year-old Amouranth – real name Kaitlyn Siragusa – has launched her own collection of grossly scented jars available to pre-order for $999.99 a pop.

And don't fear if the thousand dollar price ticket sounds excessive, because Amouranth has also turned her used bath water into little keepsake jars too, at a bargain cost of $199.99.

Named Cutie Pa-TOOT-ies, Scents By Amouranth, each "super exclusive limited edition" Scent Jar allows fans to know what their "favourite streamer smells like."

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They come with a freebie too. Each one of the 1000 jars include "a real human hair from Amouranth herself" along with an autograph.

The Twitch streamer even put a YouTube ad for the jars, which offers a glimpse of behind the scenes footage – and judging by the comments, there's clearly a market for it.

"It's all I've ever wanted and more," one commented, while another added: "I'm really interested in getting one! How long does shipping to EU takes? [sic]".


Amouranth first broke into the online world as an ASMR and cosplay content creator and became the most-watched female streamer in 2021. She also dabbles in OnlyFans, where she revealed to be racking up over $1 million per month.

The streamer has explored some wild ventures in recent months – but arguably, the fart jars have been her wildest, not to mention most creative, to date.

Amouranth splashed $10 million on a 7-Eleven gas station, detailing that it would help reduce the amount she has to pay in tax. She also invested $1 million in a plastic ball company.

If her new business model follows in the footsteps of the rest of her online career, those fart jars are bound to be a sellout.

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