Black Friday: The highly-anticipated shopping event of the year.

From TVs to mattresses and game consoles, the Black Friday shopping bonanza offers some of the best deals of the year – just in time for Christmas.

While “the number one brand used and recommended by dentists” has some impressive Black Friday offers, there’s one Oral B deal that has turned the heads of Twitter: A set of toothbrushes worth £650.

The Oral B iO8 duo promises to provide users with the “best clean ever” with their “revolutionary magnetic iO technology.” They have artificial intelligence that monitors brushing styles and boasts six different smart modes. The interactive colour display greets you as you power up – and even offers a smile for a job well done.

The cost has since been slashed to £250 for two in the Black Friday sale, but of course, social media was fixated on the original price when #BlackFridayOralB started circulating online.

Naturally, Twitter users did their thing and inundated feeds with responses guaranteed to make you smile. “For this price, I’d want my dentist to show up and clean my teeth themselves,” one joked, while another humoured, “At least there’s free delivery.”

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One user suggested that people should “just brush faster.”

“67% off and still a fortune compared to my trusty manually operated toothbrush! Just brush faster,” they said.

One added, “To be fair, also £250 FOR TOOTHBRUSHES?!”

Others, however, were completely sold on the innovative toothbrushes, with one saying: “Ngl, the travel case drawn me in.”

While another was drawn in by its striking appearance: “I’m lured in by its little, starry eyes.”

“It has Bluetooth? does it scream reminders to your phone to brush your teeth I want to know I actually want this! I might buy,” another added.

Indy100 has reached out to Oral B for comment.

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