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Free will is an important right to defend - apart from when it comes to KitKats.

There is only one right way to eat the chocolate bar. We don't need any creativity here.

So, when Weekly Standard reporter Haley Byrd's boyfriend ate a KitKat by taking a massive, indiscriminate bite out of it, she wisely took him to Twitter court.

He had never eaten one before, but ignorance is no excuse.

Everyone instinctively knows that the only way to eat a KitKat is breaking apart the bars and nibbling on the ends.

There was even an entire marketing campaign dedicated to telling us just this.

People really weren't impressed, obviously.

Stuff got serious.

Even the dictionary got involved.

Horrified, KitKat itself stepped in before the situation got messy.

Some people shared other horrific food crimes they had witnessed.

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