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Quite often the rhetoric on Twitter can be so disheartening that you just want to leave the platform entirely and never return again.

That's until you remember all the hilarious jokes and memes, and return just seconds after vowing to abdicate from the platform.

Then there are beautiful serendipitous moments which prove that social media can be a fun way and a unique way of bringing people together.

This story starts with a woman named Stephanie, who was in a Lyft car on her way to a hair salon. On her journey, she was telling her driver just how difficult it is to describe her perfect hairdo.

That's when she spotted another woman sporting the exact same haircut she was after and that prompted her driver to do something unexpected.

Rather than keep on driving, he rolled down the window and told the woman on the street just how much Stephanie loved her barnet.

Overcome with embarrassment, Stephanie tweeted about the moment and it received a lot of love online.

You would think that would be the end of the story, and nine times out of ten it probably would be.

Low and behold, the woman on the street with the great haircut turned out to be the poet, educator and performer Denice Frohman.

How do we know this? Because she tweeted about it.

Given this is the internet, it didn't take someone long to connect the dots and realise that this was the exact same moment told from two different perspectives and tagged Stephanie in a reply tweet.

That's when the true beauty of the internet was realised for all to see.

Soon the rest of the internet began to love this cute interaction.

We can't be sure, but it's possible that Stephanie is still screaming, but we do know that she got the stylist information from Denice.

You see. Twitter can be a fun place to be... at times.

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