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Twitter loves nothing more than to mock the hell out of a tweet that tries to smugly bestow wisdom and advise about success on to others.

Earlier this week a tweet from a user known only as 'Pomp', who describes himself as a 'Crypto capitalist hell-bent on tokenizing the world', tweeted the following:

For a start, we're not entirely sure whether all of those things will actually contribute to anyone's overall success and nor can we actually be sure how many 'successful' people Pomp has actually met. It could just be one and he's based his entire premise on their rise to the top.

He probably wasn't expecting this tweet to go viral but if he did it would have probably been for a positive reason, at least in his eyes.

However, the internet decided to make it go viral for the complete opposite reason and it is being royally mocked to high heaven on Twitter.

It started out with people critiquing the concept of 'success', as well as the luck it often involves.

Then people started to offer alternative advice on how to be successful.

It then soon descended into a full-on parody and that's where things became a truly glorious example of internet gold.

Great job Internet.

Let's just hope this isn't the last time someone tries to spread a cookie-cutter list of wisdom online because the result is honestly just too funny.

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