Uber drivers are sharing their wildest work stories and they are quite the rollercoaster

Uber drivers are sharing their wildest work stories and they are quite the rollercoaster

It goes without saying that being an Uber driver or a taxi driver involves meeting a lot of people, as well as getting a snapshot into their day-to-day lives.

Now, in a Reddit thread, they've been sharing their most fascinating stories, and some of them are very, very, eye-opening.

One driver shared what can only be described as a dramatic getaway tale:

I used to drive Uber at fort Myers beach. I picked up 4 drunk as a skunk middle aged people and crammed them into my tiny car. I was about to pull into their neighborhood (nice, gated, on the water) and the one guy was like, “I need you to follow that car!” And I’m like “whatever, let’s see how this plays out”.

So we start following this random SUV and I’m like “who is this guy?” And they’re like “we don’t know, but we have 20 minutes of babysitter left and we aren’t wasting it”. I reminded them they were on triple rate surcharge and they literally didn’t care.

Eventually the car pulled over and everyone shouts at me “GO GO GO!!” And we sped off into the night.

$100 ride, $20 tip, 5 star review. 100% worth it. Entertaining drunk, otherwise responsible people is a blast.

Another shared how his passenger totally got their comeuppance:

Picked a guy up from a strip club around 5pm. He had clearly been there for a while and was talkative drunk.

He started talking to a friend on his phone and kept saying he couldn't go into detail because he had a lady driver.

He told me he was going home and then taking his daughter out to a basketball game because there was a after game concert she was very excited about.

Little did he know (or I know because I was just following the gps) that he had been routed to her high school. Dudes in a rumpled suit, smells like strip club, and is clearly not sober.

He got a resolved look, handed me a few singles, said thanks for the ride boo, and just hitched up his pants like a man embracing his shitty situation.

A third shared a strange tale:

Friend of mine visiting NYC took a taxi back to his hotel late night. Riding in the back he found a small women's clutch purse thing.

Inside was the ID of a ~19 year old girl, and the business card of a police officer in a town neighboring state.

The police officer had the same last name as the girl, so my friend figured the officer was the girl's father and she carried the card in case she ever needed to get herself out of a traffic ticket or something.

My friend figures he can leave a voicemail on the officer's business number when he gets back to the hotel, then leave the purse at the hotel front desk for the girl to come pick up, so that is exactly what he does as soon as he gets up to the hotel room.

About three hours later--now 3 or 4 AM--he is in a deep sleep when loud knocks on his hotel room door wake him up. It's a bunch of NYPD detectives who want to know all the details of how he found the purse, like where he originally hailed the cab, etc.

Turns out the girl was indeed the daughter of the cop on the business card, and she had been missing for a few days. The discovery of her clutch purse was the first sign of her that had popped up.

My friend had paid for the cab via credit card and had kept the receipt, so he was able to pass that along to the detectives who, presumably, were able to use that to track down the cab driver and find out any information he could provide.

Ultimately my friend doesn't know what happened, the cops never contacted him again

Another shared some positivity:

Not a driver.. but was recently a passenger in an Uber.

It was a Monday morning, so of course I was a little down and not in the mood to talk too much.

The driver starts going on about how beautiful the weather is and starts explaining a good day starts with being positive..

She then ask if i would like to see her book.. i was a little confused, but i said sure. She starts explaining that she carries this scrap book with index cards and markers for all of her riders.

She said she usually ask them to write some sort of positive message or just tells them they can simply write whatever they want

One got into a rather compromising situation that involved lots and lots of vodka:

I drove for Uber and Lyft for a short time. There was one situation I will never forget.

I was driving downtown DSM and picked up a gentleman who was just getting out of the ICubs game.

He was loaded down with Cubs gear (he told me about 400 dollars worth) and was absolutely trashed from drinking all day at the game.

The first thing he says when he gets in is, "I know my destination is X, but I need to go to my hotel first to put all this stuff away." I say, "no problem" and he lets me know how appreciative he is and he will "make it worth my time."

I honestly didn't mind waiting because the ride was still active so i was still making money.

He gets back in the car and we start heading toward his original destination (about 30 minutes away).

We get to talking and apparently he is a beverage distributor for a company in CA. He is doing some sales in the area and asks me if I like to drink.

I told him I do on occasion, to which he replies, "do you like vodka?" and passes a FULL BOTTLE OF VODKA to me in the drivers seat (it was sealed thank god).

He told me it was a new kind of vodka that he was trying to get on the shelves of some local bars because this vodka was originally created by some ISU students.

When we arrived at the destination, he thanked me again for going out of my way to drop him off and let me keep the bottle as a tip. Definitely one to remember.

Another driver picked someone up who appeared to have homicidal intentions. Nice...

I used to Uber/Lyft in Vermont. Picked up four 20-something year old kids from New York who were visiting Burlington.

I drove them back to their Air B&B in Stowe, a little less than an hour away.

We are having a great time, doing sing alongs to David Bowie. I get to Stowe and the GPS is leading me off the main road, then I turn again onto a dirt road and then another dirt road.

It's like 11pm and I don't see a single light from a house, a car, or a street light anywhere. I jokingly say, "Man, where are you guys taking me?

One guy replies, "This is where we are going to kill you."

Mind you, I have a twisted sense of humor and have actually used this as a joke when I first met the woman who is now my wife, but I immediately followed it up with joking and laughter.

I share this with my passengers, and another one replies, "Well, we really are just going to skin you alive."

At this point, I ask them to please stop messing with me and that the joke is lost at this point. I kid you not, someone replies "Don't worry, we'll make sure we put olive oil all over your skin so it doesn't dry out."

Finally we get to the location and they invite me in for a beer. I decline. In fact, I declined to pull in the driveway.

As they were getting out of the car, someone dropped their Juul in the car and needed help finding that. No chance in hell I was going to help them find it, as I wanted to be ready to bolt at a moment's notice and I wasn't going to put myself in any vulnerable situations.

I went home after that one. I'm a pretty big guy, so it takes a lot for me to feel unsafe, but this was one time where I was absolutely terrified being an Uber driver.

Another one shared a story involving strip clubs. Yes, another story involving strip clubs!

This will probably get lost because I'm late to the party, but whatever

Long story short, I was paid to go to a strip club with the rider, who paid for the entire night and ended it by giving me $500 because "that is what was left"

Well, that's one crazy ride!

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